Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Western Science and The Healing Power of Reiki

Western Science And The Healing Power of Reiki

If you have had the gratification that a Reiki healing experience can deliver, you are amongst those who do not need to be convinced of its effectiveness.  When it comes to energy therapy, dynamic outcomes have been documented around the globe on issues affecting the mental, physical, etheric, and spiritual bodies.  For the uninitiated, Reiki is a healing modality grounded in eastern philosophy. Its practitioners have known for centuries that the human body is an amazing machine with wonderful abilities to self-heal.  While anecdotal evidence is extremely valid from our perspective, we are always excited when evidence from western science backs us up. 

The Focus of Western Science

Where western medicine tends to focus on the presenting symptoms, Reiki, gets to the root of an issue by effecting change at a cellular level that ultimately corrects the corresponding physical imbalances.  Essentially, our bodies are under attack, all day every day!  Often times our physical symptoms are products of uncorrected energetic imbalances caused by over stimulation, stress, fear, doubt, resentment, worry, anger, sadness, and more. These energetic imbalances can take root early in life, at times before we are cognitively aware of the possible impacts.  Without the proper rebalancing of the protective energetic body, vulnerabilities occur in the energetic shield.  When these vulnerabilities are further attacked, the protective energy field continues to weaken and eventually breaks down thereby making it easier for imbalances to reach the physical and mental bodies.  

Every physical symptom has its root in an energetic imbalance.  From cancer to depression, testimonies have been given on how delving a little deeper and going beyond the physical presentation has led to sourcing the real problem behind the issue causing the physical pain.  It is important to have a therapist who can assist you in your journey to self actualization.  Reiki goes deep; deeper than some people are willing to travel, but for those who truly want to release the past and step boldly into a better future, Reiki is the therapy for you.  

Reiki Energy Therapy

There are many documented cases where Energy Therapy has assisted in the healing of millions around the globe, and while we all hold the ability to heal and to self heal, the beautiful souls known as Light Workers have studied and practiced in a way that raises the bar.  Find a healer invested in their practice, be truthful about your circumstances and be open to all of the possibilities that can unfold when you are bold enough to get out of your own way!

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